Spiritual and New Age Books – Many Include Good Advice, Some Empty Promises

We’re often asked which metaphysical and spiritual books we recommend.

You’ll find some grains of truth, wisdom, and plenty of inspiration (“You can do it!–ra-ra!”) in most metaphysical publications, especially the best-sellers. After all, you would think so many people purchased them due to worthwhile content, instead of just a big name author or very effective public relations and marketing. At least we hope so.

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Getting A Great Psychic Reading

Getting accurate psychic readings is a tough thing, because sometimes people hesitate to provide proper information to their seers. Believe me, if you are willing to get proper predictions then you have to provide real information rather than hiding anything. This post will help you to get the best readings possible, smoothly and easily. Here are a few important ideas and techniques, which will be helpful for the beginner to understand the whole procedure of seeking help from telepathists.

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Lucky Gemstone for Your Zodiac!

Do you know that each of the 12 zodiac signs is being represented by a gemstone? Astrologically, each of the signs in the zodiac has a specific gemstone which symbolises a planet, and instils good luck and prosperity in the lives of the individuals of that particular zodiac sign. So let us explore and find out which gemstone is lucky for you.

Aries: Aries’ lucky gemstone is ‘the king of all precious stones’, Diamond. Diamond is known to bring strength to the Arian’s relationships and self assurance. It will also help them fetch balance, prosperity and precision. It should be worn on the middle finger on the Fridays after properly consulting an astrologer. Those who want to specifically improve their finances should make use of a garnet.

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